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“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” is down an agent, and it doesn’t sound like he’ll be revived on the series any time soon. B.J. Britt’s character, Agent Antoine Triplett, known endearingly as Trip, didn’t survive the Season 2 fall finale, “What They Become.”

Fortunately Britt isn’t gone from TV completely: He’ll still appear on the BET program “Being Mary Jane” when it returns for Season 2 on Feb. 3. But when Zap2it spoke with Britt about Trip’s death, it was clear that he still isn’t over the loss of his character.

Read on to find out about Britt’s last day on set, how he found out Trip was going to go and the character he wished Trip would have kissed before he died.

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Zap2it: I am so excited to be speaking with you, but so bummed it’s under these circumstances.

B.J. Britt: I am so bummed too, oh my god. Do you want to cry right now or should we wait?

[fake crying noises]

We probably should get it out of the way. Did you feel like there were more stories to tell with this character, or did you understand why this was the right moment for him to exit?

No, I didn’t understand why this was the right moment! [laughs] I feel like Trip still has so much to do in the Marvel universe, not only in SHIELD but also branching into the bigger movies and everything. My thinking is I can always feel the way I feel, but the writers and producers, like they say, they have a plan for him. My plan might not have been their plan, and obviously it wasn’t, you know? … I’m one of Trip’s fans. I’m a fan of all the different characters and I fell in love with Trip, so just to see him go down, [sighs] it kind of hurt. It did hurt.

[crying noises]

We need some tissues. If there was one other storyline you could have given to Trip, what would it be?

Oh god, if there was another … a nice little love interest, you know?

Who would you choose? Because I was totally on board with the Simmons/Trip stuff happening at the end of last season.

See, I was totally on board with that as well! Put me with any lady, because Trip’s a charmer. He’s a ladies’ man, but you didn’t get a chance to see that side of him. … I thought that’s where the writers were taking it with the whole Simmons thing, and it was funny because when I first signed on, a lot of the FitzSimmons fans were like, “Aww no Trip, don’t step in, don’t step on Fitz’s toes. Who are you coming in thinking you’re going to take Simmons from Fitz?” I was like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa! I’m just trying to find my way, I’m just trying to have a little fun.” It’s just so funny to be able to interact with all the fans, and now I have some Trimmons fans. It’s so funny, it’s just so funny, and then at the beginning of the season I was like, “Well, are Skye and Trip going to do anything?” You never know until you show up at the table read most of the time.


At what point did you find out that Trip was going to die in the fall finale? Did you get a heads up, or did you find out in that table read?

Actually, the writers and producers always say, “Listen, if something detrimental or tragic is going to happen to your character, we’ll let you know well in advance.” I found out a week before the table read. It was funny because — well, it wasn’t funny [laughs] — I had just finished my last scene of the day and the [assistant director] was like, “B.J., you’ve got to go, the producers want to see you real quick.” I was like, “Umm … hmm,” and then my heart started beating fast — you know, like when you’re about to get in trouble with your parents? That’s kind of what happened, so I was like, “Oh shoot.” And she was like, “No, no, no, it’s probably an arc for your character.” An arc, I liked the sound of that, so let’s go with that. So when I walked up into the office I saw all the producers and I was like, “Oh hell, how does he die?” Those were my first words: “Oh hell, how does he die?” Trust me, I was trying to hold it together, because you fall in love not only with the character but with the cast and everybody’s so fun to work with. … Trip was actually supposed to go down with Garrett last season, but they were like, “We loved what you were doing with the character and we just loved everything about the things that were going on. We just had to keep you on, we just had to keep this character around. But as the other parts of the story are moving on, we’ve got to.” It was like, “We all didn’t want this.” After they told me, they reached out to the rest of the cast and everyone was just so gracious. Everyone was calling me, because no one knew. Clark [Gregg] was the first person they called after me; he was just calling me and calling me and he was like, “I’m going to keep calling until you pick up.” I didn’t want anybody … [crying noises] But everybody reached out. Everybody was calling and texting, like, “B.J., I’m so sorry, I can’t believe this.” When we went to the table read, it just a somber, somber table read. There were definitely some tears in the room. It was like, you didn’t want to flip to the next page.

The plus side is that whole sequence at the end looks so cool.

That’s what they were saying. They told me that he was going to die, but B.J., if you ever want to die, this is the way to go out. They were like, “We’re going to make you go out with a bang.”

Did you try to convince them not to kill you off?

No, no, no, I didn’t try to convince them. I took it like a soldier.

Some people do really fight because they don’t think it’s their character’s time to go.

I mean, you can think it, but it’s already written. We joked about it while we were shooting the scene and everything, because if Trip doesn’t go down that hole to try to save Skye then he wouldn’t die. We were shooting that scene and [the instructions were] “B.J. don’t go down the hole, just grab the rope, and before you go down, we’ll cut.” And I was like, “OK, cool.” I grab the rope and then [Iain de Caestecker] says, “B.J., don’t go!” And I said, “You’re right, I’m not going. Cut! Great job everybody! Let’s go home.” [laughs] We joked about that a lot.

It’s easy as the audience to think, “Trip, why did you go in that crazy stone room?” Why do you think he is someone who will put himself in harm’s way for an ally with no thought to his own safety?

Because that’s him. That’s Trip. He’s into the team, but he sees that if there’s a job that needs to be done, he’s got that. … He gets the job done, whatever needs to be done. He’s gotten so close to everybody on the team, so he has their back. “If you’re with me, then you’re with me.” When he goes in there, even Skye says, “Get out! What are you doing?” And he’s like, “No, I came to save you. I came to get you.” Even when he sees what’s happening, he says, “What do we do? How can we stop this?” It’s a team.

When I spoke to Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon, they said Trip’s death is going to significantly inform the second half of this season.

It will definitely be interesting to see how it goes and everything. I’m sure the writers have a plan, and I trust their judgment. If it was time for Trip to go, it’s time for Trip to go. If Trip needs to resurface, I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to make him resurface. You want your character to stay around as long as possible. You never want your character to die. But if he has to go out, I’m glad they sent him out the way that they did. It’s not like he fell off a cliff. He went out with a purpose, and if he had to do it all over again, I’m sure he would do it the exact same way. He’d probably kiss Skye first and then do it, but then he’d go out. [laughs and crying noises] Was Trip’s death the last scene you shot? Nah, that wouldn’t have been a good day. We shot that fairly early on. The last thing that we shot for that was just something totally light. It was just a light day. You don’t want to make that the last day that you walk out and are like, “I just died, now I’m going home.” You want to put that earlier in the shooting schedule, in the middle.” The last thing that I shot was with Patton [Oswalt] where I bring in the bombs and I’m like, “Here, this is what I found. I found four of these,” and we’re going back and forth. That was the last thing we shot. After they finished my coverage, I was like, “Shoot, my coverage is done. That’s it for me, that’s it for Trip.” Your heart kind of drops a little bit. When we finished that scene, Jeff [Bell] came and put his arm around me and walked me out to the stage and I see everybody’s there. Everybody came out — even people from Marvel and the producers and the writers and it was all the crew. Most of the cast that was still there, everybody just came out and gave an applause and it just felt good. But that’s the type of show it is. Everybody has love from the top with the producers all the way down to little old me at the bottom. It was a special project to be a part of. So who knows? They always say, “Are you really dead in the Marvel Universe?” We’ll see.

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And you’ll always have “Dancing With the Stars.”

I can just tell that everybody really had a great time with the role of Trip. They threw me two surprise parties and everything. Ming[-Na Wen] through me a surprise party at her house and was like, “I love you B.J.” All the cast and crew were there. The writers and the cast and producers threw me a party in Culver City at one of the local bars. They definitely sent me out with well wishes and everything. It just shows how special they are and how special they think little old Trip is.

I do wish he got a definitive answer about what the Koenig brothers are.

I do too! I Was so close to finding out! I was on it, I’m telling you. I was so close to finding out the deal with those brothers.

Let’s end this on a happy note. What’s your favorite memory to share from your time on the show?

There’s a video of Clark and Chloe and I, and we’re dancing. He posted it, and every time I see Clark dancing — his dance moves? Oh my god, it’s hilarious. Clark’s moves are amazing.




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