agents of shield bobbi morse mockingbird abc 'Agents of SHIELD': Bobbi Morse gives May a run for her butt kicking money

As if Melinda May wasn’t enough, “Agents of SHIELD” now finds itself with two scrappy women looking for a fight. The introduction of Bobbi Morse, known in the comics as Mockingbird, was a strange one. She’s traditionally a hero, but was acting as head of security for HYDRA.
Of course it was all subterfuge, that’s what this show does best. She was undercover to protect Simmons who was also undercover. Naturally Simmons had no idea. It’s a good thing though, as Coulson had to blow her cover when Reyna tried to blackmail him into handing over Skye.
Luckily, after dispatching of a few HYDRA soldiers rather easily, Morse was able to safely deposit Simmons back home into the loving arms of SHIELD, while also joining the team. That wasn’t happy news for Hunter, who just so happens to be her disgruntled ex-husband.

None of that mattered once Simmons came face-to-face with Fitz, though. Every FitzSimmons fan watching had to get teary-eyed as the two scientists spoke their first words to each other of the season. No, fake-Simmons doesn’t count. You didn’t get to see much of their reunion, but whatever comes of it next week is going to be worth watching.
It wasn’t a happy ending for everyone, sadly. While Skye is glad to have Simmons back, she’s also gotten an idea of the monster her dad really is after discovering the people he killed. He’s a scary person to have on the loose. Then again, maybe Skye is an alien?
As crazy as that sounds, nothing is impossible in the Marvel universe.
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