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An unexpected curveball was thrown in Tuesday night’s (Dec. 1) episode of “Agents of SHIELD” leaving Rosalind Pike (Constance Zimmer) with a bullet in the neck and Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) on a reckless mission for revenge.

It was a ballsy move by the series that is sometimes known for its stagnant nature. However, this moment that played out five minutes into the episode, titled “Closure,” looks to be paving the way for the remainder of Season 3.

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While Rosalind’s death was a surprise to fans, Constance Zimmer tells Zap2it that she had some time to prepare, “I only knew like two episodes before. I knew that my character had to come to an end at some point because, unfortunately, I’m already on another show.” The other show she is referring to is “UnReal,” the surprise hit to come from Lifetime earlier this summer.

Still, Zimmer explains she was expecting her character’s demise to be way less gruesome: “We were all hoping it’d be a ‘Dear Coulson’ letter left on the pillow but when [the producers] told me that, I was shocked. It feels so brutal and I felt so bad for Coulson.”

One question left hanging in the balance was whether Rosalind knew Gideon Maleck’s (Powers Boothe) connection to Hydra. Zimmer is one hundred percent sure she did not. “It’s the one thing I strongly believe and the one thing I needed to do for the character to survive. She was honest, one hundred percent.”

She continues, “She wasn’t hiding anything. She didn’t have a reason to hide anything. She was trying to get in. She was trying to get information by opening herself up completely, and I think it’s what ultimately allowed Coulson to let his guard down.”

Zimmer is known for playing strong willed characters, what with Quinn on “UnREAL” and Rosalind Pike on “SHIELD.”

While they are very engaging to watch on-screen, she explains the complexity getting in them right: “Those are hard characters to play, because strong characters have guards, they have walls, and they have reasons for not letting people in. I think that as soon as she saw a way in, she decided that the way I can show him to trust me is by just being honest.”

One thing is for sure, Zimmer wanted Rosalind to be good from the get-go. She explains, “I read that script and I was like, ‘What are you talking about? What do you mean?! No! She doesn’t know that he’s … what!?’ I was running around the set like, ‘No no no no no! I can’t be bad, I don’t want to be bad … am I bad? Am I bad? What am I going to do!?'”

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There are many fans out there that were (and probably still are) hopeful that Rosalind and Coulson’s relationship will flourish.

Zimmer thinks their romance would’ve worked, “I don’t know if Rosalind ever hated him, to be honest.” She says, “I think she just wanted to try and understand him and why he was so closed off and it became such an incredible challenge. They were a really good team and I think they would have worked well together, ultimately. But I guess we’ll never know.”

Death isn’t always the end in the MCU as fans are aware of Agent Coulson’s own history with resurrection. For those out there hoping this isn’t the last time Rosalind will be seen in the series, Zimmer has some hopeful words for you: “Well … you never know what the power of love can do!”

“Agents of SHIELD” will air its mid-season finale Tuesday, Dec. 8 on ABC.

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