We’ve been having loads of fun playing around in The Framework on “Agents of SHIELD,” watching our favorite characters get warped into different versions of themselves. The longer we spend inside this fictional world though, the more we start to hate the good guys and find ourselves softening towards the bad guys.

Since Season 1, when he first jettisoned Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) into the ocean, we’ve kind of loved to hate Ward. He was so evil, and then he became HIVE — who was quite literally evil. Now though, the Framework has reminded us of who Ward could have been: A loyal agent of SHIELD, a brave hero and even a good boyfriend. Crazy, right?

If we’re not careful, we might start wishing Simmons and Daisy (Chloe Bennet) will find a way to bring him out of The Framework and back into the real world.

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The good guys on the other hand … we’re not sure how we’ll ever see them the same way again.

While Coulson (Clark Gregg) and Mack (Henry Simmons) seem to have retained some of their conscience inside the Framework, May (Ming Na Wen) and Fitz are practically monsters.

May’s loyalty and austere attitude from the real world have translated to her life within The Framework, but that’s about the only thing she’s brought with her. From what we’ve seen, there’s almost no sense of right or wrong or any drive to protect innocents. Those pillars of her character have all been knocked down thanks to that one incident with the Inhuman that was erased from The Framework’s reality. Letting that deadly little girl live — and thus ensuring she’d go on to commit a massacre — must have destroyed any scrap of doubt or mercy May had left in her.

Now, she may as well be a robot. Funny how the LMD May managed to be more human than this new version of her real self we’re seeing in The Framework.

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And Fitz… We don’t even know what to do with Fitz.

Learning he became Hydra’s chief torturer was bad enough, but watching him shoot an innocent woman point blank just to prove a point is too awful to bear. We had the slightest glimmer of hope when he saw Gemma from afar, and some small part of his real self seemed to get shaken loose… But it was quickly snuffed out when he mocked Daisy as he had her dragged off to be tortured.

Of all the characters currently under a mind-meld, we’re most worried about him. Putting aside how sickening his new personality is, we’re worried about what will inevitably happen when he’s let out of The Framework. Assuming he turns back into the Fitz we all know and love, there’s just no way he’s going to be able to handle the things he did inside this digital world.

Torturing and killing people he knew and even loved is a seriously heavy burden to bear. Even if we can find a way to forgive Fitz for it, there’s no telling if he’ll be able to forgive himself. If “Agents of SHIELD” isn’t careful, we’re going to come out of this latest storyline feeling very conflicted about our favorite characters — which is just no way to watch TV!

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