With the “Agents of SHIELD” midseason finale right around the corner, we’re bracing for some king of huge twist or devastating revelation to hit the team, but the two people we’re most worried about are SHIELD’s cutest scientific pairing, Fitz (Ian de Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge).

After struggling for so long to find a way to be together, we were a little nervous that the midseason finale might break them up somehow.

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Henstridge and de Caestecker quickly assuaged those doubts, reassuring us that “FitzSimmons” would’t be facing any obstacles they couldn’t handle in the near future.

“They’re ultimately on the same side, always,” Henstridge says. “It’s going to be a dynamic that continues… How much can they tell each other and what secrets they’re keeping.”

“Things will never be smooth sailing for them, I’m sure,” de Caestecker says. “I think in general, just being in that early stage of their relationship — while simultaneously both working for the most secretive spy organization in the world — there’s always going to be hiccups for them. They would never keep secrets from each other, but they’ve both had to, because of the way their careers are progressing. There would have to be something pretty extreme to cause a major rift between them.”

Even if there are hiccups on the way for Fitz and Simmons, we don’t expect Aida (Mallory Jansen) or Ghost Rider (Gabriel Luna) — or even evil Uncle Eli (Jose Zuniga) — to throw any curveballs they can’t recover from… No matter what secrets they have to keep from one another.

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“I think they want to be together more than they hate the secrets,” Henstridge says. “I’d never really thought of it, but I like that [Simmons] wasn’t like, ‘Ugh, how could you not tell me [about Aida], because she’s a hot girl?!’ It was more like, ‘This is super cool! How could you not let me in on this?’ There’s never an issue… [that] either of them is going to cheat on the other one.”

Ultimately, Fitz and Simmons’ trust in each other — and their total lack of any entanglements resembling a love triangle — is one of our favorite things about them, as scientific partners and a romantic couple. Thanks to Henstridge and De Caestecker’s encouraging comments, we’ve got faith “FitzSimmons” can weather whatever storm is heading their way.

“Agents of SHIELD” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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