Nearly three completed seasons into the show, it sometimes seems like “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” couldn’t possibly introduce any more characters. But there are some names that anybody would make room for: Like Black Widow, Hulk and Deadpool.

With that in mind, Zap2it recently asked the cast of the hit ABC show a personality-revealing question: If all the lines between movies and TV vanished tomorrow, if all the plot points could be overlooked and the rights holders removed from the equation -- which Marvel character would they want on a “SHIELD” episode?

From the popular, to the profane, to the obscure, read on for the results -- and dream along as the stars ponder some ultimate crossover possibilities.

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“Gosh, I could go so many different ways,” thinks Brett Dalton. "I’d do Hulk; I’d do Mark Ruffalo."

Breaking down the scenario, he explains: "First off, he’s an incredible actor. But the difference between him unpowered and powered is so big, you could have all these great scenes, really funny scenes about him as a scientist doing all this stuff with Fitzsimmons. He would have a whole different personality, a whole different side of him that would be great and totally compelling. And then, at the end, you know that he is going to smash stuff. It would be the biggest, coolest fight scene that ‘SHIELD’ has ever had.”

Dalton's co-star Luke Mitchell agrees. “I’d go with the Hulk. I’d bring him in, have him smack Hive around a little bit and throw him back out into space," he laughs. "Battle of the H’s!"

Dalton, who plays Grant Ward/Hive, would love to have a chance to battle the big green guy. “That would be great. This character is pretty crazy, some of the Inhuman powers don’t really work on Hive," he explains. "So I’m not really sure if the Hulk smash would work on him. But it would be great to see, it would be fun.”

Chloe Bennet, however, has no doubt how the scene would go down. "Hulk would win, obviously," she grins.

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As for Bennet's choice, the carefree actress says she wants to party with the newest Marvel superstar.

“I would pick Deadpool," she reveals. "And all I would do with Deadpool is drink alcohol with him -- as Chloe.”

But seriously, she says, she'd love to have Deadpool visit the SHIELD agents, if only for the dialogue. “I loved that movie; I thought it was so much fun. It was such a different tone for the Marvel movies, and I crave that off-the-cuff banter," she explains. "We had a lot of that the first season, but obviously there’s a lot of serious stuff happening this season, so there’s a little bit less of that. The writers do an excellent job still weaving that in, but I loved ‘Deadpool.’”

Elizabeth Henstridge, meanwhile, would love to act opposite Scarlett Johansson. "I really like Black Widow," she explains. "I would just be obsessed with her."

According to Henstridge, the plot of Johansson's "SHIELD" episode would be a pretty simple one: Jemma Simmons and Natasha Romanoff, just hanging out. "She wouldn’t have much choice," the actress laughs. "I’d just figure out a way that we’d be glued together, and I’d be with her all day.”

The best answer, however, might just belong to Agent Coulson himself. Going obscure, Clark Gregg once again helps tie the Marvel universe together.

“Adam Warlock -- The Magus is his alter ego," smiles Gregg. "It gets very sci-fi, very trippy and ‘70’s-ish. Marvel’s Adam Warlock, he’s an amazing character."

Introduced in 1967 as "Him," Warlock is a Christ-figure in a cocoon who rebels against his creators and flies around space. "The character is more in the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, Thanos universe," Gregg says of the beloved cult character. “It takes things into the more planetary world."

Gregg says he knows exactly how the as-yet-untapped character could be brought into a "SHIELD" storyline. "We just had a flash-forward that no one knew anything about, which takes place in space on our show this year. All we know is that something’s coming, it looks like, that’s in space.," Gregg says. "I’d like to see us interact with some of the characters from the extraterrestrial, Thanos/Warlock part of the Marvel universe.”

The actor urges Marvel fans -- and maybe his co-stars as well -- to dig up some back issues. "There was a run of comics with him that I was obsessed with as a kid, by Jim Starlin, one of my heroes," Gregg says. "Go buy the comics. Check him out.”

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