“Agents of SHIELD” sets up its mid-season finale with Tuesday’s (Dec. 1) game changing episode titled “Closure.”

While there has been rumors and speculation regarding Rosalind Price’s (Constance Zimmer) true motives floating around the internet, especially after last week’s Hydra reveal, a curveball gets thrown into the mix as five minutes into this episode, Rosalind is murdered. Going out with a bang — literally — it turns out Ward followed through on his mission to take away a promise of love from Coulson (Clark Gregg). A sniper bullet to the neck is definitely one way to get a man’s attention!

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As it’s been shown, Coulson is a flawed man and after ultimately dropping his guard and letting Rosalind in has led him to irrational thinking. This one moment looks to be the game changer that will shift the narrative for the rest of the season. Love can make a man do crazy things and leads Coulson on a mission to end Ward (Brett Dalton).

Following through on a plan that sets up a fake bank robbery, soon Coulson — with the help of Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) and Bobbi Morse (Adrianne Palicki) — takes Ward’s long lost brother hostage to hopefully get a mark on his location … and it works. But while our SHIELD agents figure they have the drop on Hydra, Gideon Malick (Powers Boothe) has other plans as he enlists his team to venture through the portal and bring back the mysterious figure Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) encountered on the other side.

Stepping up for Jemma is Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) who moves to venture to the strange planet this time around. And of course, it wouldn’t be as exciting if Ward and a crew of his armed men didn’t accompany the scientist into the unknown.

The men jump into the portal and in the last possible minute — and against the wishes of both Hunter and Morse — Coulson dives from his ship and plummets after them into the portal which closes up a second later.

Love can make a man do crazy things and in this case, the closure Coulson seeks is fueled by a deep seeded need for revenge. A revenge that leads him into the unknown as the episode ends with his body rolling down the mystery planet’s hillside unconscious.

Is Rosalind really dead? Probably. But Coulson also died once … so anything is possible!

“Agents of SHIELD” will air its mid-season finale on Tuesday, December 8 on ABC.

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