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“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” is a two-hour finale away from wrapping Season 2, and there’s going to be a lot crammed into those final two episodes.
To preview the episodes, titled “S.O.S. Part 1” and “S.O.S. Part 2,” Zap2it spoke with executive producer Jeffrey Bell about what fans can expect — and ABC also shared a sneak peek clip of Ward (Brett Dalton), Kara (Maya Stojan) and Bobbi (Adrianne Palicki). Here’s what to look forward to in Tuesday’s (May 12) finale.
Will audiences finally get an answer whether Ward is good or evil?

Judging by the clip ABC released of the season finale where Ward and Kara prepare to torture Bobbi, the Season 2 finale isn’t going to showcase Ward’s best self. But Bell says a viewer’s reading on Dalton’s character will still be based on their “personal world view.”

“The beauty of Ward is no matter what we do there are people who always feel he’s a good guy, and people who always feel he’s a bad guy. I think that’s a real tribute to Brett Dalton, who plays him,” he says. “You will understand his motive at the end, but whether you go, ‘Of course I stand by him!’ or ‘Oh my god, he’s a psychopath,’ I think is really dependent upon your personal world view.”

Is there any chance for Skye’s dream of a family to be actualized?
The audience knows Skye’s (Chloe Bennet) mother Jiaying (Dichen Lachman) betrayed her by making it look like SHIELD attacked Afterlife. With still hoping that her dream of a family will come true, the question is, can it?
“I think the finale really answers that question,” Bell says. “The season has been about Skye’s rising as an enhanced person and her being torn between her surrogate parents of Coulson and May and the reveal that her biological parents are alive and she’s gotten to be with Cal and Jiaying. When we get to episode 20, as far as she knows, SHIELD — representing her surrogate parents — have just attacked her biological mother. I think she’s really going to be torn leading into the finale and have to make the hard call one way or another.”
Will the Inhumans and Afterlife storyline carry over into Season 3?
Bell plays coy with this one, but it sounds like many Season 2 storylines will be concluded. “We try and design the finale to tie up most of the big storylines for this season and then launch a whole bunch of new mysteries and questions and possibilities,” he teases. “I encourage people to watch this finale because I think we do answer a lot of the big questions, but there are a couple big teases that promise more where we’ve been going.”
How much will life change for Coulson’s SHIELD team?
The finale is two hours long, which means a lot of change can happen. According to Bell, “for several people things will be radically different.” “There are big personal costs paid by most of them,” he says. “We feel our job as storytellers is did our characters’ decisions have consequences? Sometimes those consequences are wonderful and sometimes they’re painful. We’ve tried to bring a bit of both.”
Will the finale resolve the Kree Stone mystery?
Reading between the lines here, probably not. “Certain questions about it will be answered, but with something that is of alien origin there will always be a mystery behind that,” Bell says. That’s what Season 3 is for, right?
Posted by:Terri Schwartz