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It’s safe to say that the latest episode of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” is different than any other that’s come before it. Equally safe to say, it seems, is that fans of the series will eat it up.

Titled “4,722 Hours,” the episode involves the Monolith, an unnamed blue planet and fan-favorite Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge). Read on for all the details, but beware: spoilers lie ahead.

“SHIELD” has been dealing with the mystery of the Monolith for some time now, but even the most die-hard fan of the series probably didn’t envision it as an inter-dimensional portal to another planet. Yet, there was Jemma Simmons, getting yanked to another galaxy.

With “The Martian” still on the minds of so many, this “SHIELD” departure couldn’t have been better timed. No longer an earthbound show about a bunch of secret agents raiding hostile urban locations, instead it became an outer space “Castaway.” It was all about survival as Henstridge navigated the rugged terrain, tried to get a message to Fitz and even found Will (Dillon Casey), a friendly face in a very unfriendly place.

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Simultaneously inspiring and heartbreaking, Simmons refuses to let her situation get the best of her. Will, trapped there since 2001, can’t offer Jemma much hope. But when a man and a woman are the only two people on a planet … well, you don’t have to ask Will Forte what’s going to happen next.

What does this do to the Fitz/Simmons romance that “SHIELD” has been playing with for quite some time? Well, it certainly builds some wonderful drama for the big scene at the end, with Simmons crying as she realizes that Fitz truly would do anything for her.

Now, it seems, the aftermath is not only between Simmons and Fitz, but also between Marvel and the fans. What is the story with this blue planet? Has it been mentioned in any comic books? With the Marvel movies increasingly expanding beyond Earth, will any of the upcoming films also visit this blue planet? Like Simmons, we’re left with more questions than answers.

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