With her birthday behind her, Chloe Bennet could spend Tuesday (April 19) giving her fans the surprise present: A thrilling, suspenseful episode of “Agents of SHIELD” that concluded with a Shyamalan-like twist revealing her character Daisy as the villain.

Speaking with Zap2it recently, Bennet promised that the episode entitled “The Team” would feature a reveal that will change the SHIELD team forever. After three seasons of fans falling in love with Daisy — very much the heart and soul of the show — they’re likely to agree.

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“This year’s season finale is the biggest, most heartbreaking episode of the entire series,” Bennet says, explaining that her crossover to the dark side sets in place a storyline that will carry through Season 3’s final five episodes and yield that conclusion. “After this episode, episode 17, nothing will be the same again — ever.”

“The train is starting to go,” she teases. “And it’s never turning back. It’s going full force.”

The episode began with a rush of adrenaline and excitement, with Daisy leading her specialty squad of Inhumans into action, in hopes of rescuing Coulson and the rest of the team — while simultaneously showing what they can do. But the Secret Warriors — featuring Lincoln, Yo-Yo and Joey fighting alongside Daisy — quickly found themselves in over their heads.

“Daisy is forced to bring together this team that she’s been trying to build for the entirety of the season,” Bennet explains of the set-up. “Part of it is really exciting, because she’s never had the team together; there’s also a level of nerves, because they have to rescue Coulson and the team, she wants to make sure that no one gets hurt, and this is really her first moment being a leader, being in charge and calling all the shots.”

Explaining the team, Bennet says: “We have Yo-Yo Rodriguez, who can go anywhere really fast, as quick as a heartbeat; she’s one of my favorite characters in the comic ‘Secret Warriors,’ so I was psyched to have her. We have Juan Pablo [Raba as Joey Gutierrez], who can melt and manipulate metal — which is awesome! Then Lincoln is Electro-Boy, basically, and he can manipulate electricity the same way I can manipulate vibrations.”

But as the episode progressed, suspicion and paranoia began to run rampant, in a plotline reminiscent of John Carpenter’s “The Thing.” With Coulson and others beginning to suspect that Hive had infiltrated their ranks, the team’s quasi-leader was undermined, and the mission fell into disarray.

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“Daisy was born with the traits necessary to be a leader, and she’s been through so much,” Bennet says of her character’s shortcomings, which may have led to her downfall. “But she’s also the youngest one on the team, and the role of being a leader is one you grow into; I’m not sure that anyone ever truly masters being a leader.”

Regardless of what happened, at this point “SHIELD” fans need to start worrying about where things go from here. With beloved characters played by Brett Dalton and now Chloe Bennet under the control of the parasitic Inhuman, is either one still alive? Will the actors continue with the show beyond this season? Or have we just seen the beginning of the end for Daisy? Stay tuned, as it seems like “SHIELD” fans just received their ticket on that aforementioned runaway train to an epic Season 3 finale.

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