Alan Thicke, one of America's favorite TV dads, died of a heart attack on Tuesday (Dec. 13) at the age of 69. The news was first reported by TMZ, and confirmed by his publicist to The Hollywood Reporter.

While Thicke will be best remembered for his role on "Growing Pains" as Dr. Jason Seaver, the Seaver patriarch and one of the best TV dads to ever exist in the long-running series from 1985 - 1992, newer generations of TV fans will recognize him from his various roles on recent television series, from "How I Met Your Mother" to "Scream Queens."

Over the years, Thicke often played himself in cameo roles, as he did on "How I Met Your Mother," "Joey," "Grandfathered" and "This Is Us." His scenes with Cobie Smulders on "How I Met Your Mother" were always some of our favorites, as he interacted with her Canadian teen pop sensation personality, Robin Sparkles.

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His memorable stint on "Scream Queens" no doubt introduced him to a much younger, female-skewing demographic, even if he only visited for the Thanksgiving episode as the father of Chad Radwell, Tad.

His most recent role was on "Fuller House," which premiered on Netflix on Friday (Dec. 9), as DJ's (Candace Cameron) much older date for Game Night at the Tanner house. It's a role that gets even more absurd when you remember he played father to Candace Cameron's brother, Kirk Cameron, on "Growing Pains."

Thicke's final tweet was about his part in the Netflix revival, saying, "Season 2 Fuller House looking good. I even like the ones I’m not in!"

Thanks for sharing the laughter and love, Alan Thicke. All of our TV families have a large void to now fill.

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