"Gotham" has come to San Diego Comic-Con and with it, the Court of Owls has arrived. During the "Gotham" Comic-Con panel, a sizzle reel recapping the story thus far and teasing what's ahead in Season 3 put major focus on both the Court of Owls and the monsters led by Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith), as they wreak havoc on Gotham City.

In a season already dubbed "Heroes Will Fall," "Gotham" is setting up a seemingly dark story for Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), as he fails to win back the love of his live -- Lee (Morena Baccarin) -- and opts to become a bounty hunter, rather than returning to the GCPD. Jim's saddest moments are still ahead of him as he goes further down the rabbit hole, but that's not the only trouble in the city.

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When it comes to the monsters, there's one that's a particular danger to Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz). The doppelganger of young Bruce, also played by Mazouz, brings a mysterious slant to the story of the boy who will grow up to become Batman. The question is what is his real intention for the actual Bruce and how will it be pulled off?

Wit so much else happening on "Gotham," this trailer was but a mere tease of the things fans will learn as the show gets closer to a return. Now it's a matter of finding out exactly how many heroes will fall when the FOX drama returns Sept. 19.

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