Freeform may be adding some insane comedy to its fall lineup with a new series called “Alone Together,” which was recently given a pilot order.

The half-hour series comes from familiar comedy names Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, otherwise known to “Saturday Night Live” fans as The Lonely Island.

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Following two struggling millennials in Los Angeles, “Alone Together” looks like a promising new series about platonic love, the self-obsessed American culture and pure hilarity, with Esther Povitsky and Benji Afalo starring in, writing and executive producing. It looks to have stemmed from this video short created by Povitsky and Aflalo in 2015.

Basically, it looks like the perfect topic and timing for this hilarious host of comedians, and we’re preparing for some seriously side-splitting laughter if this pilot manages to make it to series.

However, while “Alone Together” looks great on paper, we have to ask … is this not the weirdest creative pairing in the world?

Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love The Lonely Island and Freeform, but it’s a partnership we never would have predicted in a millions years. Watching them team up is either going to be the greatest thing to hit television since “SNL” or a complete and total disaster.

Freeform comedies have learned to push the envelope in recent years, but none of them have managed to reach the acerbic and sometimes raunchy levels that Samberg and his team used to hit with their weekly “Saturday Night Live” skits and digital shorts.

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Will they have to rein things in for Freeform? Maybe. But since ABC Family rebranded to Freeform, the network has overhauled its wholesome image and pushed past barriers we never imagined it would, so who’s to say the adventurous “Alone Together” isn’t right up their new alley?

Posted by:Lindsay MacDonald

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