While the broadcast TV season is starting to slow down in the holiday season, the streaming services are releasing some excellent TV in December.

‘Shut Eye’ Season 1, Dec. 7, Hulu

“Burn Notice’s” Jeffrey Donovan is back on TV, as a failed magician who now works as a con-man psychic in the world of Los Angeles storefront psychics — and the mob syndicate that runs them… Until a blow to the head changes everything, and he might end up being psychic after all. A dark comedy that just may be Hulu’s next big hit.

‘Fuller House’ Season 2, Dec. 9, Netflix

The Tanner-Fuller-Gibler girls are back for all new hijinks, including D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) encountering a new situation: Both her love interests have moved on. Whoops! Indecision will getcha every time.

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‘Mozart in the Jungle’ Season 3, Dec. 9, Amazon

The symphony’s under lockout, so what does Rodrigo (Gael Garcia Bernal) do? Heads to Italy, of course — where he meets and starts falling for hot-headed opera singer Alessandra (Monica Bellucci).

‘The Man in the High Castle’ Season 2, Dec. 16, Amazon

Not only will Season 2 of this dystopian Amazon series pick up with Juliana (Alexa Davalos) defecting, Joe (Luke Kleintank) heading to Berlin and Tagomi (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) returning from his mind-warping trip, but the titular Man will be making his first appearance, played by veteran actor Stephen Root.

‘Mars’ complete miniseries, Dec. 20, Hulu

Upon the Dec. 19 conclusion of this NatGeo miniseries, a Screener favorite, you can settle in for a six-episode binge. The series is based on the book “How We’ll Live on Mars,” juxtaposing a scripted, fictional story with interviews with real-life scientists and engineers.

‘Twin Peaks’ Seasons 1 & 2, Dec. 26, Showtime

The Showtime revival is coming in 2017, so now is the perfect time to either re-watch the original 30 episodes or meet the quirky citizens of this Pacific Northwest town for the first time.

The Laura Palmer mystery is wrapped up by episode 16 and the show loses its way for a little while after that, but the last few episodes of the original series bring everything back to the weird, creepy place viewers know and love. It’s a must-watch before the revival arrives.

tumblr m4ygi4yelc1rownjy Streaming in December: The 6 must see arrivals

Other TV arrivals for December 2016:

Dec. 1

“Chill With Bob Ross,” Netflix
“Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” Season 2, Netflix
“Merli” Season 1, Netflix
“Uncle Grandpa” Season 3, Hulu

Dec. 2

“Fauda” Season 1, Netflix
“Hip Hop Evolution” Season 1, Netflix
“Lost in Oz” Season 1, Amazon
“Pacific Heat” Season 1, Netflix

Dec. 3

“Lost & Found Music Studios” Season 2, Netflix

Dec. 7

“Shut Eye” Season 1, Hulu

Dec. 8

“The Cuba Libre Story” Season 1, Netflix
“Hairspray Live!,” Hulu

Dec. 9

“Captive” Season 1, Netflix
“Cirque du Soleil Junior: Luna Petunia” Season 1, Netflix
“Club de Cuervos” Season 1, Netflix
“Four Seasons in Havana” Season 1, Netflix
“Medici: Masters of Florence” Season 1, Netflix
“White Rabbit Project” Season 1, Netflix

Dec. 13

“Colony” Season 1, Netflix
“Nobel” Season 1, Netflix
“Teen Moon” Season 6, Hulu

Dec. 14

“The Expanse” Season 2, Amazon
“Versailles” Season 1, Netflix

Dec. 16

“Call Me Francis” Season 1, Netflix
“Crazyhead” Season 1, Netflix
“No Second Chance” Season 1, Netflix
“The Adventures of Puss in Boots” Season 4, Netflix

Dec. 20

“My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” Season 6, Netflix
“Ten Percent” Season 1, Netflix
“The Break” Season 1, Netflix

Dec. 23

“Travelers” Season 1, Netflix
“Trollhunters” Season 1, Netflix

Dec. 25

“Ajin” Season 2, Netflix
“Chasing Cameron” Season 1, Netflix

Dec. 27

“Barbarians Rising” Season 1, Hulu

Dec. 28

“Comedy Bang! Bang!” Season 5, Netflix

Dec. 30

“The Eighties” Season 1, Netflix

Dec. 31

“The Venture Bros.” Season 6, Hulu

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