The premiere of AMC’s new series “The Son” is right around the corner — and it’s sure to leave an impression once it does. Adapted from Philipp Meyer’s bestselling novel of the same name, the Pierce Brosnan-starring Western follows the rise of a prominent (and violent) Texas family.

The story is as complex as it is layered and definitely fits into AMC’s slate. But one small detail has us doing a double take. “The Son” is premiering on Saturday — one of TV’s slowest nights.

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When it comes to AMC’s original programming, audiences have always found the goodies on Sunday nights: “The Walking Dead,” “Into the Badlands” and “Preacher” have all been featured on Sundays — it’s the busiest night of television entertainment. It simply makes sense.

the son season 1 family key art amc Pierce Brosnans The Son will premiere to AMC on Saturday, instead of Sunday    and theres good reason why

So why has the network chosen to premiere “The Son” on Saturday? It all comes down to tradition.

Over the past two decades, AMC’s regularly devoted its Saturday lineup to the classic cowboy movies that helped put them on the map, to begin with. Back before the network delved into originally scripted programming, “American Movie Classics” thrived multiple genres — the classic movie Western being one of them.

AMC’s President of Original Programming & Development, Joel Stillerman, confirmed the strategy in a statement to Screener:

“The Son” fits beautifully on AMC as a continuation of our 20‑plus year commitment to being a home for great Western films and original TV, like “Broken Trail” and “Hell on Wheels.”

Taking a quick look at AMC’s Saturday schedule, it’s plain to see they’re sticking with what works: Two John Wayne classics (“Chisum” and “The Cowboys”) along with 2007’s remake of “3:10 to Yuma” will surely help set the tone before “The Son’s” two-hour premiere event.

For the network, things don’t get any more American (or classic) than the tried and true formula of a riveting cowboy tale. So while it’s true, Saturday may not be television’s busiest night, there’s obviously a method to AMC’s madness — and it’s one they’re hoping will pay off once “The Son” finally touches down.

“The Son’s” two-hour premiere airs Saturday, April 8, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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