nate berkus american dream builders nbc 2 'American Dream Builders' Nate Berkus on his one, documented makeover failure
Zap2it: Have you ever done a home makeover when someone hated the results?
Nate Berkus: It happened to me once on my talk show. It’s interesting from a sociological standpoint. We were doing two or three minimakeovers a week, and we did this woman’s bedroom, and she gave the typical TV reaction — excited, thrilled, et cetera. And she called after and said, “I don’t like it. And it’s not what I wanted. Would you mind if you sent someone to pick up these pieces and get my old pieces back?”
Zap2it: Did you ask her about the first reaction, and what did you do?
Nate Berkus: I asked her if she would come into the studio and do it again, and she came back on. I asked her, “Why did you react that way?” And she said, “I thought that was what we are supposed to do.” OK, we will do it again. I had never heard of disliking a makeover either.
Zap2it: There have been so many home makeover shows; how is this one different?
Nate Berkus: It is the largest, most ambitious design show that has ever been done. We are gut renovating two homes every week in the same episode. That has not been done before, and we had to be incredibly organized … and most design shows on TV have very limited resources and budgets, and the designer don’t have cash to spend on furniture and dishes. Even though it was sped up for television and working under massive time constraints, we relandscaped and pergolas were built.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler