After the premiere episode of “American Gothic” on CBS, it’s time to dig deep into a summer-long mystery that is sure to keep viewers guessing. Who is, in fact, the Silver Bells Killer?

With “American Gothic” shedding light on the Hawthornes, a prominent Boston family, it becomes clear immediately one of them is most likely a serial killer. The question is, who? While in theory just about anybody in that family can be a cold-blooded killer — and given how calm they seem to be, that wouldn’t be surprising — let’s take a look at the most likely suspects.

Mitchell, the dead dad

jamey sheridan american gothic cbs American Gothic: Who is the Silver Bells Killer? Lets run down the suspects

Mitchell is clearly the leading suspect in the Silver Bells killings. After all, he’s the one who had the box of SBK newspaper clippings and a collection of the killer’s signature silver bells, which were left at every crime scene. It’s hard to not look at this as catching him red-handed. Isn’t that a little too simple, though?

Given that a key piece of evidence was found at one of his construction sights, it might be.

Garrett, the black sheep son

antony starr american gothic cbs1 American Gothic: Who is the Silver Bells Killer? Lets run down the suspects

All it takes is his dad nearly dying to bring Garrett (Antony Starr) back. It shouldn’t be a coincidence that the killings stopped when he left town mysteriously, only to disappear for 12 years. Plus, there’s clearly something going on with him telling his dad he was ready to reveal “the truth.”

Did Garrett leave town and let his parents cover up his heinous crimes to save the family?

Madeline, the very scary mom

virginia madsen american gothic cbs American Gothic: Who is the Silver Bells Killer? Lets run down the suspects

As everyone saw at the end of the premiere, Madeline (Virginia Madsen) clearly has it in her to kill. Mitchell likely would have survived his heart attack. Instead, because he was ready to tell “the truth,” Madeline murdered him.

She says she loved him, but it seems she loved her status in life even more. What if she has a secret past as a crazed serial killer and her eldest son and husband were there to cover her tracks over the years, even if to simply save her own life?

Whether she’s SBK or not, Madeline is clearly the scariest member of the Hawthorne family.

Whoever the killer is, it’s safe to say there’s some serious therapy needed by practically everyone in the Hawthorne family. These are all strangely broken people that need an outlet for all that’s ruining their lives. Especially poor little Jack (Gabriel Bateman), who seemingly picked up the serial killer gene from somebody.

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