After a grueling season of competition — and truly one of the most difficult challenges in reality TV history — the first season of “American Grit” has come to a close with one team rising to the top. The question is whether it’s Team Noah, Team Tee, Team Rorke or Team Nick that took home the prize money — and how much of that team was left standing.

Heading into the two hour finale, eight competitors were left with Teams Noah and Rorke having three competitors each. Meanwhile, Team Nick was left with only Jim Vaglicia, while Team Tee was down to Tony Simmons.

After a vicious evolution — that Tony somehow won without having a team — and a circus that narrowed the field to seven, it was time for the final challenge. The circus underwent an extreme makeup that pushed the remaining competitors to their limits, before leaving them with an endurance test that led to a last team standing.

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With two members of Team Noah — Clare Painter and Mark Bouquin — and Tony representing Team Tee, that final endurance test came to an incredible conclusion. After kicking off the night with an evolution win, Tony simply wouldn’t give up. That is until his grip slipped and he took a fall during this final endurance challenge.

That means a win for Team Noah and $250,000 each for Clare and Mark. Clearly though, all of these competitors should be proud of their accomplishments. While the challenges on shows like “Survivor” and “The Amazing Raise” are nothing to turn up your nose at, “American Grit” took reality competition to an entirely new level.

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Now the wait begins to see if it will return next year.

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