Rumors have continued to swirl around the sixth season of "American Horror Story." Traditionally, the theme for the forthcoming iteration of the genre show has been a highly anticipated event among fans of the series.

Earlier reports suggested that the next season would focus around Slender Man, but creator and executive producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have not yet confirmed that to be the case. If EW has anything to say about it, that concept was nothing more than a rumor which leaves fans waiting with baited breath ...

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During PaleyFest 2016, Denis O'Hare (Liz Taylor) joined "Hotel" stars Wes Bentley (John Lowe) and Cheyenne Jackson (Will Drake) to pitch their ideas for the upcoming season -- you know, just in case Murphy and Falchuck need some suggestions. Jackson is interested in a story that will take concentrate on another time period, like "Asylum" and "Freak Show."

"I'd love to see a period piece again," Jackson told Zap2it. "I know this year ... I heard they're going to be more in the present; I just love period pieces, I love the costumes and the eye candy of it."

Bentley piggy-backs his idea off of suggestions that he has already heard, including a season inspired by "Ghost Ship" and the countless camp-horror flicks like "Friday the 13th."

"I've heard good ideas; I'll go off of those," Bentley stated. "One was like a ship, like a 'Ghost Ship' kinda thing. It would be really hard to do, but I think it would be interesting. I even heard someone say summer camp and at first I was like hmmm (no), but then I thought about it and thought that's not a bad idea."

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O'Hare confessed to still being in writing mode on an ancient Rome-themed play. As his wheels were still turning, the writer-actor quickly thought of ways to make the historic backdrop all the more frightening.

"Well my mind is on ancient Rome right now so I'll probably go way, way back like that and mix it with something supernatural so that maybe we can time travel," O'Hare articulated. "I like the idea of time travel and maybe a bizarre virus."

"American Horror Story" Season 6 returns this fall on FX.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes