Who’s the scariest person on “American Horror Story: Hotel”? The residents of the Hotel Cortez — “a breeding ground of evil,” as star Matt Bomer says — weigh in.

“The white-haired children, I have to say I’m really not sure who they are, I just have to say they unnerve me,” says Denis O’Hare. “Then there’s Mr. March himself, who, even though he’s dead, is still causing great harm.”

“The main threat living within the hotel? I feel like there’s probably multiple threats and they’re coming at you from all different angels. … I enter the hotel. We’re not so sure that I exit,” says Max Greenfield with a laugh. He later adds, “Maybe the main threat in the hotel is Lady Gaga. I feel her presence in every scene that we shoot. Gaga’s here.”

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Wes Bentley takes a different tactic. He says it’s not a who, but a what.

“I think the hotel itself is the main threat. It’s beautiful, it’s dark, it’s huge and it’s sort of falling apart,” says the actor who plays Det. Lowe.

Who do you think is the main threat on “American Horror Story: Hotel”? The possibilities expand with every episode, Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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