Wes Bentley and Evan Peters in American Horror Story: Hotel

While it’s not one of the most compelling storylines this season, the question of who the “AHS: Hotel” Ten Commandments Killer is has been hanging over the course of the season.

Honestly, the reveal that Detective John Lowe is the killer was hardly a surprise. It made the “Fight Club” and “Seven” David Fincher allusions make sense, and was heavily foreshadowed in the previous episode.

The reveal came early, with John finding out the bad news from Sally that he’s the one who picked up J.P. March’s serial murder streak from the 1920s, then quickly finding his former partner so he could confess to his crimes.

John explains they were motivated by grief and his frustrations with the system. Turns out the Ten Commandments Killer is something of a vigilante.

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This makes it seem pretty coincidental that John decided to move to the Cortez after his family fell apart, but some extra flashbacks show that by the time Lowe moved into the Cortez, he’s already been killing people under March’s grip for years.

The icy marriage between the Countess and J.P. March was even frostier back in 2010, with them hardly being able to stand the sights of one another across their long table. But the entrance of Lowe bewitches the long-dead killer, who decides to mentor the detective.

It turns out even Holden’s kidnapping was no coincidence, but a plan orchestrated by March to drive Lowe into madness.

While he conveniently forgot his ghost bender back in 2010, the memories are back, and even drive Lowe to attempt suicide. But with March, Sally, and the vampire children watching over John, the Ten Commandment killings are almost complete … and it seems the former detective has fully embraced his evil side.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins