“American Horror Story” finally came full circle, so to speak, as “Roanoke” presented its connection to Season 5 on Wednesday (Oct. 12). But the “Hotel” homage wasn’t exactly what we expected, and for that reason alone, we applaud Ryan Murphy and the gang.

We knew Evan Peters was finally going to appear on “Roanoke” in the season’s fifth episode, but instead of showing up as the Piggy Man, he provided the identity of Edward Philippe Mott — the ancestor of Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock), who was first referenced in “Chapter 4.”

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Mott, like “Hotel’s” James Patrick March, is the architect of the building the show’s story is based around. And while Mott is depicted here as a slave owner with a not-so-secret gay lover (who was also a slave), it’s also shown how his structure — much like The Hotel Cortez — is hiding its own secret passage ways.

It’s worth noting, though, that while March used his secret hallways to cover up his horrible fetish for torture and death, Edward put his tunnels in there to simply help his workers exit the house.

Edward, much like Dandy, is a spoiled brat with a short temper. And by his appearance — the clothes and wig — and the way he carries himself,  he is pretty much the embodiment of a Dandy.

evan peters ahs roanoke Evan Peters is all fine and Dandy on AHS: Roanoke

But unlike Dandy Mott — who flaunted himself in front of mirrors, for constant affirmations of his prime physique — Edward surrounded his home with paintings, fully covering the walls, which somewhat reminded us of one Dorian Gray. But while Gray was cursed with his own mortality, we’re shown that Edward’s existence was not long for this world.

Impaled by the colonists during the blood harvest, the ghost of Mott appears to help Shelby (Sarah Paulson), Matt (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and Flora (Saniyya Sidney) escape a “Grudge”-like monster that attempted to take the young girl away.

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Honestly, it was quite unexpected for us to see Peters’ character revealed this. Has “American Horror Story” pushed the importance of The Piggy Man to the sidelines? We hope not.

Ryan Murphy is proving himself to be a man of his word, though, as the preview clip for next week’s episode shifts the audiences attention to an entirely different location. It’s possible Episode 6 flips the script and shows us what’s going down on the other side of the cameras.

Cheyenne Jackson appearing as a Ryan Seacrest look-a-like — with a beard — has us raising all sorts of eyebrows. Seriously, what is happening here?

“American Horror Story: Roanoke” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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