If there’s one thing we’ve learned during this season of “American Horror Story,” is that we’ve still got a lot to learn. Not only does it seem that “Roanoke” is operating on multiple levels — the big Episode 6 twist is one week away! — as soon as we think we know where the story is going, a wrench is thrown into the whole thing.

Last week, we explored one popular theory (among many) that suggests the first five episodes of Season 6 will mirror the previous five installments. And with the way things have played out, it’s looking like this concept is pretty spot on.

Yet, after we shared that idea, another theory took that concept as a jumping off point, taking us even deeper into a meta narrative that kind of blows our minds. A reddit user (@apple_martini) posed the idea that not only is each episode calling back to previous seasons, they are each referencing the sixth episode of said season.

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So, for instance, Episode 1 of “Roanoke” re-introduced audiences to the Piggy Man, who originally appeared in Episode 6 of “Murder House,” titled “Piggy Piggy.” And that’s just the beginning.

piggy man ahs AHS prediction: Lady Gagas got a demon son, and his name is Evan Peters

Episode 2 had Flora whisked away into the woods by ghost girl, Priscilla. Young Jenny from “Asylum” followed the “taking a playmate into the woods” motif in that season’s sixth episode.

Then of course there’s Episode 3 which not only introduced Leslie Jordan’s character Cricket — he was Quentin Fleming in “Coven” — but Kathy Bates’ Butcher was summoned in a similar manner that brought the Axeman to life. And that totally makes sense since the sixth episode of Season 3 was called, “The Axeman Cometh.”

The thematic connections have continued pretty evenly from there and with the mention of Edward Phillipe Mott in last week’s episode, the ties to “Freak Show’s” Mott family were made. This leads us to speculate on what is coming in Wednesday’s (Oct. 12) episode.

Upon looking back at Episode 6 of “Hotel,” titled “Room 33” (two threes next to each other continues the fixation on the number six) we discover that this was the episode which revealed The Countess’ demon spawn. And Gaga’s character in “Roanoke” — who’s name is Scathach, by the way — is obviously looking to procreate.

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Sure, there’s the physical contact that she yearns for on a human level. That was pretty evident from her weird trysts with Matt (Cuba Gooding, Jr.). But could there be other ways Scathach is looking to breed?

Previously, we’ve seen the witch — is she a witch, though? — convening around what looked to be a human sacrifice ritual. Putting a pig’s head on the victim, who is roasted over an open fire, is an interesting way to take a man’s life. But there’s something about how Gaga’s character seems to come from the earth that leaves us wondering if this is less a sacrificial act and more an act of rebirth.

lady gaga ahs roanoke 1 AHS prediction: Lady Gagas got a demon son, and his name is Evan Peters

There is a huge rumor floating around that Evan Peters is the man underneath the Piggy Man mask. It’s hard not to equate the imagery of a man running around with a pig’s head on his shoulders and that of the victim we witnessed at the end of “Chapter 1.” So, we have a big “what if” for you to ponder… .

What if Evan Peters is the Piggy Man? But more-over, what if Peters’ character turns out to be Scathach’s son, given new life after a fiery sacrificial act and left to roam the woods, terrorizing people as “Roanoke’s” version of the Boogeyman? That’d definitely take “Hotel’s” demon spawn angle and amp it up to a bonkers new level.

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It sounds far-fetched. But in Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” universe, does that word really hold any meaning?

One thing is for sure: Peters’ character will be revealed in this season’s fifth episode (according to IMDB) and something tells us his appearance will really set things in motion to allow “Roanoke” to go completely off the rails. And whatever happens, we’re really excited to see it all unfold.

“American Horror Story: Roanoke” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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