After Ryan Murphy revealed the return of Taissa Farmiga to “American Horror Story: Roanoke,” fans of the series have been not-so-patiently waiting for the actress — who we last saw in “Coven” — to return to FX’s genre powerhouse. As the death toll has risen exponentially, with only a few options remaining as to who will be Season 6’s sole survivor, the “AHS” deadpool has become a bonkers freak show, to put it bluntly.

In Wednesday’s (Nov. 9) episode, we shift our attention to a group of fans — Sophie, Todd and Milo — and it’s not long before they happen upon the confused ghost of Sidney’s assistant Diana (Shannon Lucio), last seen crashing her car. In true horror movie fashion, upon taking their story to the cops, they’re met with disbelief and resistance.

And when the final night of the Blood Moon hits, things turn out even more frustrating for Monet (Angela Bassett) and Audrey (Sarah Paulson). After heading to the Pokes to rescue Monet, Audrey finally learns Lee’s dark secret… But killing her ex-husband Mason is nothing compared to what Lee does next, under the spell of Scathatch.

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The stories of “My Roanoke Nightmare’s” fans and its survivors soon intersect, as Lee is turned into a cold-blooded killer — with the help of one delicious-looking heart. If it were anyone else, witnessing a friend’s murder would probably make them turn tail and run, but Sophie coerces Milo into heading to the house to rescue Monet and Audrey from Lee.

Unfortunately, the kids are snagged by the Butcher’s band of dead colonials, and — lovingly filmed from about a million different found-footage angles — meet the same fate as Mason, burned at the stake. With the land cleansed and pretty much everyone dead, the cops finally show up.

While Lee awakes no longer under the spell of the Blood Moon, Audrey — who survived her attack — grabs an officer’s gun to put her down anyway. In a rather darkly poetic move, Audrey is showered with a hail of bullets, leaving Lee as “AHS: Roanoke’s” final girl. And undeservedly so.

It looks like justice is coming to Lee Harris, though. “Asylum” favorite Lana Winters is finally returning to the series and, from what we can tell, Sarah Paulson will at least get to exact her revenge on the killer. But will it be on-camera during their one-on-one interview special, or off? That is the question.

The “American Horror Story: Roanoke” finale airs Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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