'American Horror Story' at Halloween Horror Nights

Something unbelievable is happening for Halloween this year. “American Horror Story” is coming to life. After five seasons of terrifying viewers on FX, “AHS” is finally getting the Halloween Horror Nights treatment at Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando.

According to a press release from Universal Studios, the maze will focus on three different seasons of “AHS” — “Murder House,” “Freak Show” and the most recent installment, “Hotel.” That’s right, buckle up for some Lady Gaga-esque haunts.

The announcement of a maze based on “AHS” is likely to be a hit with fans, as Universal Studios Hollywood creative director John Murdy says the franchise is the top requested experience from fans.

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“‘American Horror Story’ is one of the most disturbing television shows ever produced, and with such perverse storylines unfolding with each installment” he says. “Halloween Horror Nights’ is undoubtedly the only place that could create a living version of the nightmares that Ryan Murphy dreams up.”

It now joins an already stacked 2016 maze lineup which includes “Halloween,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “The Exorcist” and “The Walking Dead,” among many others.

A description from Universal breaks down the maze and what fans are in for when they dare to enter this “AHS”-flavored world. “Twisted scenes from ‘Murder House’ will unleash the evil spirits that possess the Harmon estate, spiraling guests through decades of the tortured dead who previously resided there,” it reads.

“In ‘Freak Show,’ guests will join a troupe of biological misfits in a sinister sideshow where they’ll be stalked by the murderous and deformed Twisty the Clown. Finally, guests will succumb to the warped desires of The Countess after checking in to the haunted Hotel Cortez, conceived from the beginning as a torture chamber for its customers.”

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While the description promises scares, there’s not much in the way of details about what scenes they’ll be tackling in the maze. Luckily, that’s why Zap2it is here. We’ve revisited previous seasons of “American Horror Story” and feel these 10 key moments, locations and characters deserve to be immortalized at Halloween Horror Nights.

The ‘Murder House’ basement

Many things were horrifying in the first season of “AHS,” but it’s possible that nothing was scarier than the basement of the back alley abortion doctor, whose son was killed — and disturbingly resurrected — in the house. It should be an easy call to have the basement be one of the rooms in the maze. Who knows where Infantata will pop up?

Twisty’s trailer

Granted, the mutilated clown in “Freak Show” didn’t have a very big living space. However, the trailer — and the cages with his “audience” — could easily be adapted for Horror Nights, giving a very creepy vibe to the entire affair. And given his mention in the press release, and appearance in the official promo pic, this is a very big possibility.

twisty the clown ahs American Horror Story comes to Universals Horror Nights: 10 things we need

‘Hotel’s’ Room 64

Much like Room 237 in “The Shining,” Room 64 was off limits to guests of The Hotel Cortez. Anyone who found themselves behind that ominous door ended up either meeting the ghost of James Patrick March (Evan Peters) or the faceless monster known simply as The Addiction Demon. If Universal goes this route, we’ll assume the demon will leave his drill-bit dildo at home.

ahs james patrick march room 64 American Horror Story comes to Universals Horror Nights: 10 things we need

Rubber Man

Leave it up to a rubber bondage suit to cement the weird and creepy image of “American Horror Story.” Rubber Man was the mysterious killer in “Murder House” and the lack of identity — along with its fetish imagery — helped to put “AHS” on the map in Season 1 as a very different genre series to be reckoned with.

ahs murder house rubber man promo American Horror Story comes to Universals Horror Nights: 10 things we need

Elsa’s ‘Life On Mars’ performance

Easily one of “Freak Show’s” most iconic moments, it’d be fitting to include Jessica Lange’s musical homage to the late, great David Bowie. Not only does is the song important to Elsa Mars’ overall story, Bowie’s influence is continually felt throughout Season 4 of “American Horror Story.”

James Patrick March’s torture chamber

March was a serial killer who hid his bad habit in the walls of The Hotel Cortez. Building the hotel in the 1920s, the man installed his own secret torture chamber in the hotel and created secret halls and passageways to make hunting his victims more enjoyable.

Adelaide’s bad girl closet

Adelaide Langdon (Jamie Brewer) just wanted to be pretty. The young girl was featured throughout “Murder House” and was regularly abused by her mother Constance (Jessica Lange). When she was punished, Constance would put Adelaide in a small closet full of mirrors so she could be terrified by all of her reflections.

american horror story murder house bad girl closet American Horror Story comes to Universals Horror Nights: 10 things we need

The Morbidity Museum

When Stanley (Denis O’Hare) and Maggie (Emma Roberts) infiltrated the “Freak Show,” no one had any idea what would transpire. But soon enough, body parts of the oddities featured in Elsa’s show began turning up in display cases at their museum. The American Morbidity Museum ended up featuring the likes of Salty’s head, Ma Petite’s body, Jimmy Darling’s (Peters) hands and Bette and Dot’s (Sarah Paulson) heads.

american horror story freak show morbidity museum American Horror Story comes to Universals Horror Nights: 10 things we need

The Countess’s Game Room

What’s scarier than a room full of vampire children? Well, nothing really … but add the flashing lights of cartoons and video games and The Countess’s Game Room would be the perfect place to stop in for a quick HHN visit. Just don’t stay for too long, this kids are really thirsty.

A preview of what’s to come

While the maze will focus on three previous seasons of “AHS,” it would be easy as can be to sneak in little teases about the upcoming season. With so much misinformation out there about the next show theme, why not use the maze to subtly hint at what fans can expect?

We mentioned James Patrick March above. Maybe a re-creation of his “Devil’s Night” dinner — which featured the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez and John Wayne Gacey — would be in order.

ahs devilsnight1 American Horror Story comes to Universals Horror Nights: 10 things we need

Not only would that be a horrifying scene to walk into, but with Billie Dean Howard’s appearance at the dinner, along with her “CROATOAN” link to “Murder House,” we think this would work as a fine connection to the new season.

Halloween Horror Nights opens Friday, Sept. 16, at Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando, just two days after Season 6 premieres on Sept. 14 on FX.