"American Idol" finalist La’Porsha Renae shows once again that she can keep up with the best of them when she opened Thursday's (April 7) finale, singing Barry Manilow's "One Voice."

Renae's voice echoes as she belts out, "One voice, singing in the darkness."

The familiar voices that joined in the crowd included "Idol" contestants from throughout the years. Katharine McPhee, Constantine Maroulis, Dalton Rapattoni (from this season), Trent Harmon (Renae's competing finalist), Jordin Sparks and others were present.

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"We need just one voice facing the unknown, and then that one voice would never be alone," they sing.

More and more contestants pour onto the stage to share the spotlight, harmonizing seamlessly. By the end, nearly 50 voices make up an "American Idol" choir making this a proper send-off for the show that made them all -- at one time or another -- household names.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes