The goal of “American Idol” Season 14’s Top 12 show on Wednesday (March 11) was to show how far the contestants have come by making them sing the same song they auditioned with. Rayvon Owen proved with his second performance of Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” that he’s not content with just Top 12 — he’s in it to win it. 

The Virginia native started out the number with a soft croon, much like his original audition, but didn’t waste too much time before getting into those power notes. Katy Perry is one of the hardest artists to cover, especially when singing live, but Rayvon proved that he’s made this song one of his own. 
The standout moment was towards the end when Rayvon held that power note for several bars, bringing the “American Idol” audience to its feet and proving he’s one of the ones to watch in this competition. Even the most critical judge Harry Connick Jr. was impressed with how Rayvon was able to throw down and said he’s excited to see what more is to come from the aspiring artist. 
See his original audition below and see just how well he’s done in these few short weeks of competition. 
Posted by:Megan Vick