keith urban american idol 'American Idol's' Keith Urban: Wife Nicole Kidman 'is just happy I have a job'Zap2it: Is it more comfortable for you to be joining “American Idol” at a time when other new judges (Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj) also are coming in?

Keith Urban: Yeah, because I didn’t feel we were replacing anybody. I think that there’s four of us there, instead of three, really creates a whole new panel. I would have found it harder if I felt I was specifically replacing one person. I also like that Randy Jackson’s still there, too.

Zap2it: How familiar were you with the other “Idol” judges?

Keith Urban: We went to dinner the night before we first taped. I’d met Randy a little bit, and I’d met Mariah a couple of times, but I’d never met Nicki. I felt really comfortable with them and thought, “I’m really going to enjoy this,” and that hasn’t changed at all. I feel a real bond with all of them in different ways, but Nicki particularly. There’s a fearlessness, a bold thing about her that I really connect with.

Zap2it: What does your wife, Nicole Kidman, think about your doing “Idol”?

Keith Urban: She’s just happy that I have a job! When I took this, it was like, “Oh, fantastic! We’re going to be in L.A.!” Nic works there periodically. Then, of course, we started by not being in L.A.; we’ve been going all around the country, to places like Oklahoma City and San Antonio and Charlotte (N.C.).

Nic has been working in France, so I’ve been going from there to Nashville and then back to “Idol.” That’s been sort of my routine for the past several months.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin