jonny moseley american ninja warrior nbc 325 'American Ninja Warrior' finale: Jonny Moseley would like to see Bode Miller attempt the course

Zap2it: What athletic mentality is best for prevailing in this week’s big “Americna Ninja Warrior” finale at the American Mount Midoriyama obstacle course at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas?
Jonny Moseley: On this course, you have to have an incredible degree of adaptability, that kind of “dude” mentality, because you don’t know what the obstacles are going to be. Even if you watch competitors from the side, it’s different for you. And these guys are under time pressure. How quickly can you make a judgment, then stick to that execution, and how good is that judgment?
Zap2it: You won an Olympic gold medal [Nagano, 1998] for freestyle skiing. Are other skiers attempting the course?
Jonny Moseley: I haven’t seen any skiers that I knew. You’ll probably start to see some. You remember that show “The Superstars”? (It pitted athletes from different disciplines in an all-around competition.) I got invited to do that after the ’98 Olympics, and I thought I was going to get killed, because there were all these football players, all these real traditional ball-and-stick athletes. I went down there and ran away from these guys. (Moseley took second in ’98, ’99, 2001 and ’02.)
Skiers have won a lot of seasons of that. I’d love to see Bode Miller in “American Ninja.” He’s probably the most adept athlete I’ve seen at figuring out things. He’s a real analyst.
On the other hand, Bode can’t do 10 pull-ups. You don’t need the upper-body strength for skiing, but on this course, you do. That’s where it gets tricky.
Posted by:Kate O'Hare