After being brought to the Las Vegas finals of "American Ninja Warrior" Season 7 as a wild card competitor, Kacy Catanzaro was knocked out of the competition once again early in stage one.

It was the propeller bar that turned out to be her undoing on the course, but Catanzaro's real weakness in the finals was her own mind. "I as looking up at the propeller, which is the obstacle I was on, but I had to hit the mini trampoline first," she tells Zap2it. "I was looking up at the obstacle and I didn't look down at where I placed my feet on the trampoline and they just slipped off the end."

Continuing, Catanzaro adds, "I was really bummed about it because I know I was capable of completely that course. To go out on something kind of silly where it was a mental lapse of focus is a really big bummer."

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When she says she's capable of finishing the course, Catanzaro isn't kidding. While on the set the night after her fall, Zap2it watched as she attempted the propeller bar once again and completed it flawlessly.

While she may not be moving forward in the competition this season, Catanzaro won't be letting this stumble keep her from coming back. "Even though I'm really bummed about going down in the finals here in Las Vegas, it's okay to be upset but I'm not going to let it keep me down," she says. "I'm going to use that, get that fire burning even more and get me even stronger for next season."

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