Zap2it: Next week, “American Ninja Warrior’s” finale airs on NBC. What can we expect?
Matt Iseman: We’ve narrowed it down to the Top 100 competitors, and now we do the finals in Las Vegas. At Mandalay Bay, we rebuilt Mount Midoriyama, down to the inch. Three football fields, it’s taking up. It looks insane. We’ll run everyone through the course.
Zap2it: What sort of athlete is good at running the “Ninja Warrior” obstacle course?
Matt Iseman: It’s cross-training. I think this is the most difficult athletic feat of any competition of any sport. If you look at it, Mount Midoriyama is such an ultimate challenge. It takes an all-around athlete. You have to have the agility, the upper-body strength, the endurance. You have to have the cerebral component to be able to manage it. You only get one shot at it.
I’m not saying the person who does it is going to be the best athlete in the world, but I think the best athletes in the world would be tested by this course.
Zap2it: How did you do on it?
Matt Iseman: There’s video of it. I should never have let them take it. I look so bad, so unathletic. It’s one of the things where you realize, “Oh, no.” It was ugly.
Zap2it: Is the show helping you gain Twitter followers?
Matt Iseman: The worst part is, [my co-host, Olympic gold-medal freestyle skier] Jonny Moseley, he’ll get followers, and I won’t even say his name. He’s getting more followers than me.

“American Ninja Warrior” airs Mondays on NBC.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare