Sometimes, it just takes time and patience to fulfill a dream. For Dorothy Williams, it took roughly seven decades to pursue stardom once again. The 90-year-old appeared on Tuesday’s (July 5) episode of “America’s Got Talent” and immediately won over everyone in the room.

Telling Nick Cannon how she toured the country in “A Chorus Line” when she was 17-years-old, she lamented, “I never got to be a star.” Cannon lifted her spirits immediately, saying, “I deem you a star. It’s happening.”

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Sending her off to perform, Williams surprised the judges when her routine turned out to be a very classic burlesque number. All bets were off once the clothing began to come off, revealing tassels on her undershirt. When it ended, Simon Cowell actually got to his feet to applaud the woman. He and Heidi Klum showered Williams with praise.

“I absolutely love you. That was really really special,” Klum said. Cowell went on to express his fascination with the dancer. Cannon couldn’t wait to hear Howie’s critique, though. Storming off stage to hit the Golden Buzzer, he fulfilled his promise. If she wasn’t before, Dorothy Williams is most definitely a star now!

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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