Jon Dorenbos is a long snapper for the Philadelphia Eagles and while he’s been professionally playing within the NFL for over a decade, it seems his true passion lies elsewhere. Previously wowing the judges and audience alike with his card magic skills, the man returned in Tuesday’s (July 12) episode.

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It may be a daunting task to one up himself with such jaw-dropping trickery, but Dorenbos was up to the task. Bringing another card trick to the table, the man followed through on his promise to make the show bigger. Not only did he bring a bigger deck, the surprise he brought down on the judges — Ne-Yo in particular — could be felt through the TV screen.

In fact, the R&B singer was so impressed, it didn’t take him long before deciding to slam his hand down on the Golden Buzzer. It’s a rare thing for professional football players to transition into a career of magic, but Dorenbos is getting closer and closer to making that a reality.

“America’s Got Talent” continues on Wednesday, July 13 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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