If there’s one thing to say about Sofie Dossi, it’s that she knows exactly how to captivate an audience. Previously, we’ve seen the 14-year-old girl showcase her contortionist skills, her muscle control and archery talents.

It’s probably safe to assume that everyone in the “America’s Got Talent” audience were unsure how she could top her previous fiery performance. But, in Tuesday’s (Aug. 2) episode, she did just that.

Dropping down from the ceiling with an aerial introduction, Dossi landed on her hands to showcase yet again just how strong (literally) of a competitor she is. Not only does she stand out from the competition — as no one else does what she can do — her poise and grace makes it impossible to not be immediately drawn in.

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Running through similar beats from her previous performances, she does some extremely difficult poses before grabbing her trusty bow and arrow. After lighting the arrow on fire and getting into position, Dossi adds the extra element missing from her previous times on stage: A blindfold.

Fire? Check. Dangerously lit arrow? Yep. Lack of sight? You betcha. And after she locks into position, Dossi ups the nerves of everyone in the room even more by doing a little spin.

Fear not, though! She hit the target yet again, culminating in all four judges hitting their feet to applaud her work. We’ll admit it, we were applauding too!

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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