Remember Sofie Dossi? She’s the 14-year-old self taught contortionist who blew the judges away during the “America’s Got Talent” auditions. Well if you needed a refresher on who she was, Wednesday’s (July 13) episode should help jog your memory. Not only did the young lady bring her awe-inspiring skills to the stage, she topped her previous act handily.

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This time around, she included some magnificent aerial work in her performance which had many jaws dropped. Holding herself up just by her neck at one point, it was hard to not be on pins and needles to make sure she’d make it through the routine. But then, she was back on the props her father made her. And then, she was showcasing her remarkable muscle control with her body bends.

Including the bow and arrow was something everyone was expecting. Yet, this time she had the arrow tip set ablaze to really kick the competition up a notch. Something tells us her golden body suit was there to send a message to Simon Cowell and the gang. Guest judge Reba McEntire received the message loud and clear, sending Dossi all the way through with a Golden Buzzer.

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