eva marcille girlfriend confidential la 'America's Next Top Model' Eva Marcille shares her 'Girlfriend Confidential'

There’s a bond between women that guys just don’t get. Even when there’s trouble, there’s the knowledge that a girlfriend will have your back. Except, of course, when she doesn’t because she’s got a high-pressure, career-changing meeting conflicting with your meltdown. And we see a lot of all that when the new docu-series “Girlfriend Confidential:?LA” premieres Monday on Oxygen.
The six-episode series — there could be more if you watch — stars Eva Marcille, the winner of the third cycle of “America’s Next Top Model.” She was known as Eva Pigford then but changed her professional name fearing that Pigford wasn’t going to cut it. Her career has brought her to Los Angeles, where she and her three best friends help one another navigate the complicated worlds of love and work in the notoriously fickle entertainment industry.
“We have been friends for years,” Marcille tells Zap2it. “Some for 13 years. The shortest amount of time we’ve been friends is seven. That is what makes this show different than other shows:?We are true-to-life girlfriends. Of course, friends don’t always agree, so you will have that.”
Not surprisingly, the girls are beautiful, talented and savvy with unique careers but familiar challenges. In addition to Marcille, who’s acted in everything from “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” and “Smallville” to the feature film “I Think I Love My Wife,” we meet actress Denyce Lawton (“Tyler Perry’s House of Payne”), interior and product designer Nikki Chu, and talent and brand manager Kelly Marie Dunn.
Dunn previously served as day-to-day product manager for Lady Gaga, while Chu has designed for everyone from Tyra Banks to Gabrielle Union.
As you can imagine, there’s a lot of fascinating shop talk, boy talk, pet talk (they love their cats and Yorkshire terriers) and real-life talk. They’re at the point in their lives where they’re willing to take some career risks in order to grab that brass ring, knowing that they’re always operating with a safety net full of friends going through the same thing.
It’s empowering, informative and just a little divalicious.
Posted by:Michael Korb