A bad decision can have lifetime repercussions. Nothing can be done about some of them, but if your drunken night out or relationship issues or poor choice of artist ends in one very ugly bit of body art, Megan Massacre is here to help.
The New York-based tattoo artist, model and DJ is one of the artists featured on TLC’s “America’s Worst Tattoos,” returning for Season 2 with back-to-back episodes on Thursday, March 27.
Along with Jeremy Swan, Tim Pangburn and Lisa Del Toro, Massacre works to transform ink disasters into something that won’t be a source of continual pain and embarrassment.
“There isn’t just one individual reason,” Massacre tells Zap2it. “Maybe the tattoo’s really old and it doesn’t look great anymore. That’s going to happen to every tattoo; that’s inevitable.
Sometimes people make bad decisions, or the artist was not very good, or it was a great idea for a tattoo, but the artist didn’t know what they were doing. Maybe they were inexperienced, or the artist was on drugs or drunk.
“Sometimes a client is, too. Sometimes somebody gets drunk or is on drugs, and they make bad decisions.”
Some people have taken the lessening of a social stigma about tattoos as an excuse to go for it. It’s not unusual to see college-age people with arms covered in ink, or even tattoos on necks, faces and hands.
“When kids turn 18,” Massacre says, “they’re getting tattoos in these spots first. They’re getting neck tattoos and hand tattoos first, and it drives me crazy. It’s so dumb. We have a word for them in tattoo shops, among us artists — we call them ‘job-stoppers.’
“It will literally stop you from getting any kind of a normal job. You can be a tattoo artist, you can be a musician, you can be a sports player, but that’s not what everybody wants to be.
“Unless you have a job where it doesn’t matter, you’re screwed.”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare