sam champion amhq weather channel 'AMHQ With Sam Champion': 'I don't do very much other than listen'
Zap2it: What was the biggest lure for you to leave ABC News, and “Good Morning America,” and not only launch “AMHQ With Sam Champion” but become The Weather Channel’s managing editor?
Sam Champion: For someone to come to me and say, “Your experience is valuable, and that 30 years you’ve been doing this can be something that other people learn from, so can you help us?” — it’s one of the nicest things I think anyone has ever said to me. And it feels great.
The truth of the matter is that I don’t do very much other than listen, but the fact that someone will also hear my opinions — and the ideas that we have become better ideas, because they’re conversations — that’s exciting for me. It’s fulfilling.
Zap2it: What’s your take on the compensation dispute that led to The Weather Channel being dropped from DirecTV?
Sam Champion: It’s a part of our business right now. It just is. I come from a time, and this really dates me, when TV was free. You could turn it on and watch whatever you wanted, because once you plugged it in, it was your world.
Now we have not only content providers but service providers which have created a better product. It’s clearer and cleaner and all those things, but it’s always going to be a business. There will always be these negotiations, and for those of us who create content, we keep doing it. And we hope that people who want to watch us will find ways to do it.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin