The Ben Wyatt enthusiasts of the world rejoiced when news broke that “Cones of Dunshire” — the board game created on “Parks and Recreation” in Season 6 — is about to become a real thing. The fine people at Mayfair Games Inc. have started a Kickstarter to bring the game to your living rooms. Rejoice! There’s just one person that won’t be celebrating with you. 
Amy Poehler. 
During the 2015 winter TV press tour Poehler, “Parks and Rec” creator Mike Schur and the rest of the cast were asked how they felt about the game becoming a real thing. 
“I hate Cones of Dunshire,'” Poehler says. “It gives me a headache. It’s really cool that people are raising money for it, but I mean, it’s just that it’s so many rules.” 
Poehler’s attitude about the game comes from the hours it took to film the scene where Ben (Adam Scott) introduces Leslie to his masterpiece creation. 
“Dave King, who was the writer on set that day, had just a stack of alternate jokes and alternate rules for the game. We kept shooting all these different rules and scenarios in the game,” Scott explains. “Amy was just like, ‘Why? Can we just stop?'” 
Schur on the other hand realized from the beginning how important getting “Cones” right would be. 
“I said to [the director] in our tone meeting we had before the episode shot, ‘This is the single most important thing we’ve ever done on the show,'” Schur explains. “She kind of took it to heart in a very nice way, and she spent four hours shooting that first incarnation of it. It’s the most annoyed Poehler’s ever been, I think.” 
However, having spent that much time to perfect the “Cones of Dunshire” origins, Poehler is fully on board with the Kickstarter. “So make sure you contribute to it,” she instructed the audience, if only to make her suffering during that scene worth it. Mike Schur promises he’ll be among the contributors as well. 
Posted by:Megan Vick