TNT’s new show “Animal Kingdom” isn’t a light drama.

Ellen Barkin plays Smurf, a loving mom who also happens to run a family crime network and her boys are her henchmen. Makes for great Christmas mornings, we bet.

Daniella Alonso, who plays Catherine (Baz’s partner), is taking over the Zap2it Instagram to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at her life and the show! Alonso is a busy woman in Hollywood. She’s well known as Nora from “Revolution” and also has a recurring role on “Being Mary Jane” with Gabrielle Union. “One Tree Hill” fans will remember her as Anna, and “Friday Night Lights” junkies would know her as Carlotta.

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Alonso also practices karate in her spare time, so maybe we’ll see some moves?

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“Animal Kingdom” airs Tuesday nights at 9pm ET/PT on TNT.

Posted by:Kiley Thompson