anne hathaway dress malfunction Anne Hathaway apologizes for Oscars dress switch   but not for nipple 'wardrobe malfunction'

Anne Hathaway understands that people were less than impressed with the pink Prada dress she chose to wear to the 85th Academy Awards. From her protruding nipples to its rather boring silhouette, the gown wasn’t anything worth loving — though Hathaway did look as gorgeous as ever in it. It turns out that the dress wasn’t Hathaway’s first choice for the Oscars, but the Valentino outfit she had lined up reportedly clashed with what Amanda Seyfried planned to wear.

Because of all the hubbub about her dress choice, Hathaway has released an apology explaining why she made the switch. As she tells People, it was a last-minute decision.

“It came to my attention late Saturday night that there would be a dress worn to the Oscars that is remarkably similar to the Valentino I had intended to wear, and so I decided it was best for all involved to change my plans,” Hathaway says. “Though I love the dress I did wear, it was a difficult last-minute decision as I had so looked forward to wearing Valentino in honour of the deep and meaningful relationship I have enjoyed with the house and with Valentino himself. I deeply regret any disappointment caused.”

Hathaway isn’t kidding about her love for Valentino, as the fashion house even designed her wedding dress. It is a bit surprising that the Oscar-winner felt the need to come forward and explain her outfit decision, though this isn’t the first time Hathaway has tuned in to the public backlash against her during awards season. She admitted recently that the near-constant mockery about her acceptance speeches has hurt her feelings.

“It does get to me,” she said, via Us Weekly. “But you have to remember in life that there’s a positive to every negative and a negative to every positive.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz