Anson Mount of 'Hell on Wheels'

Zap2it: What drew you to your character of railway worker and former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon on AMC’s “Hell on Wheels”?

Anson Mount: Well, first of all it was the best pilot script I’ve ever read. … It was a really dark antihero and it required a true Southerner to play the role, not just for the accent but the knowledge of the culture and, I don’t know, I just felt I could get under his skin and I felt confident I could do a good job with the role.

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Zap2it: When the series ends, will it be difficult for you to say goodbye to him?

Anson Mount: Oh absolutely. I mean, it’s definitely time but when you’ve lived in somebody’s boots for this long, literally, it’s definitely going to be hard to realize I’m never going to get to play him again. But it’s harder knowing I’m not going to get to work with this group of people again. This crew up here is just phenomenal. Everybody cares. From the producers and the writers all the way down to the PA’s in the background, everybody really cares.

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Zap2it: Is it true you have a great-great-grandfather who was a colonel for the Confederacy during the Civil War?

Anson Mount: I still have his military composite hanging on the wall, and it’s so old the photo tinting chemicals have changed and now he’s green. And one of my relatives has a hand-written list of things that were in his pocket when he got shot.

Zap2it: Your mother was also a professional golfer. Did she introduce you to the game?

Anson Mount: Just enough so I could be bad at it and she can laugh at me when we go out and play 18 holes [laughs]. I love playing with her. She’s an excellent teacher and she’s my best friend.

Posted by:George Dickie