Many a thespian has turned to waiting tables or tending bar to support themselves between acting gigs. David Duchovny became an actor to pay the bills while writing poetry and fiction.

It was the mid-1980s and Duchovny was pursuing a Ph.D in English literature at Yale with the idea of becoming a writer and eventually a teacher.

“It seemed to be the most logical way to make a living while having enough time off to write,” explains the 55-year-old New Yorker to Zap2it. He returns as LAPD detective Sam Hodiak when Season 2 of the dark 1960s crime thriller “Aquarius” begins Thursday (June 16), with a two-hour, commercial free episode on NBC.

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“And then I was at Yale getting a Ph.D and I just kind of fell into the drama department there because I started to think about writing plays and then I met actors. And there’s so many productions always going on around Yale that they never have enough actors, so they kind of recruited me to do a couple of small parts. And I started just looking into what it was to write a play and therefore I started looking into what it was to put on a play to act in a play and just life kind of took its own course.”

As the new season of “Aquarius” opens, it’s 1969 and Hodiak is under investigation for killing a suspect at a crime scene while still on the hunt for Charles Manson (Gethin Anthony, “Game of Thrones”), whose followers would soon commit the Tate/LaBianca murders.

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Duchovny loves playing in the 1960s and a character seemingly at odds with the many social issues of the time that are still relevant today.

“I’m playing a guy who is really not part of that world,” he says. “I’m playing a guy who’s the white establishment that all these movements are taking place against. So what I found interesting was to be a man not of the ’60s in this show about the ’60s but a guy who’s going to keep his eyes open and, if not change, then at least recognize that the change is coming.”

Posted by:George Dickie