“Archer” was in top form Thursday (May 12) with “Double Indecency,” one of the funniest episodes in recent memory — and for a show as sharp as “Archer,” that’s really saying something.

It also had plenty of great references and jokes that may have had viewers scratching their heads. Zap2it is here to help with those.

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1. ‘Double Indecency’

The episode title is a play on “double indemnity,” which by itself is a clause or provision in an insurance policy that pays out more in the case of an accidental death, which includes murder. Specifically, the episode title is referring to the 1944 film noir “Double Indemnity” (based on a novel of the same name) where a woman (Barbara Stanwyck) and an insurance salesman (Fred MacMurray) conspire to kill her husband.

2. ‘My bush looks like I’m sitting on Jerry Garcia’s face.’

Pam’s (Amber Nash) on-going vagina storyline is hilarious, starting with her reference to the lead singer of the Grateful Dead.

And just FYI on the DIY Brazilian — gaffer tape is used in theater, TV and film and is known for its super strong adhesive properties. Yeowch. She’s not kidding when she says the in-grown hairs will turn her “back into Bumplestiltskin.”

jerry garcia gety 10 jokes from Archers Double Indecency, explained

3. ‘And he tells two friends and she tells two friends and so on and so on and so on!’

Depending on your age, you either don’t get this reference, you attribute it to the early ’90s or you attribute it to the early ’80s.

The original version of this comment is from Heather Locklear’s 1982 Farberge Shampoo commercial.

Which was parodied by Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) in the 1992 movie “Wayne’s World.”

4. Wheeler & Woolsey

Archer refers to Ray (Adam Reed) and Cyril (Chris Parnell) as “Wheeler & Woolsey” when they make a joke at his expense. Wheeler & Woolsey are a comedy duo from 1920s and ’30s Vaudeville known for their puns and double entendres.

5. Spanish fly and mole’s blood

Spanish fly is apparently Pam’s seduction technique du jour. The substance is actually called Cantharidin, which is secreted by the Spanish fly beetle. It’s poisonous if consumed by humans in more than a very small amount. But the mole’s blood mixing is an actual thing. Catherine Monoisin, known as “La Voisin” in 17th-century France, was a fortune teller, poisoner and alleged sorceress. She would mix Spanish fly with dried mole’s and bat’s blood to make love charms.

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6. Germicide, Blue Curacao and Willemstad

Germicide is the blue liquid that barbers and hair dressers use to clean their combs and shears. Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) claims he’s drinking Blue Curacao, a liqueur made from the laraha citrus fruit, which is grown on the island of Curacao in the Caribbean. Willemstad is the capital city of Curacao and Archer has apparently gotten so blotto on Curacao liqueur there that he’s banned.

7. Negging

Cyril (Chris Parnell) asks at what point he should start “negging” Barbie (Nika Futterman) and Archer makes fun of him with, “Negging?! Jesus Christ, what grade are you in?!”

In case you don’t know, “negging” is the pick-up technique wherein a guy insults a girl — not with anything too offensive, more like backhanded compliments — so as to lower her self-esteem and confidence and therefore make her more susceptible to his advances.

What’s awesome — and not that surprising, if you think about it —  is that Archer finds “negging” beneath him.

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8. Cuckold fetish porn

This is a real thing. It’s generally a fetish a man has wherein he plays a part, or at least is passively aware of, his wife or partner hooking up with another man.

As with “clown porn” from last week’s episode, we are not going to link to it. Find it yourself.

9. Scarah Fawcett and Baby Huey

“Scarah Fawcett” is a gimme (Farrah Fawcett), but when Don Zissner (Fred Tatasciore) says Pam looks like “Baby Huey” and she starts crying, that’s a reference to the cartoon character of the same name who first appeared in a short in 1949. Generally Baby Huey was considered fat, ugly and dumb, so it’s obviously a very mean thing to say to Pam. It does lead to a nice moment of the team rallying around her, though.

Say what you will about the “Archer” gang, but they’re a (very, very dysfunctional) family.

pam baby huey archer 10 jokes from Archers Double Indecency, explained

10. The gimmes

Zissner is known for his “Sharknoid” movies, obviously a play on “Sharknado.”

Lana (Aisha Tyler) calls Malory (Jessica Walter) “Ron Measley” for being a cheapskate, which is a play on “Harry Potter” character Ron Weasley.

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“Glue-ella De Vil” is a play on Cruella De Vil — and also an awesome Halloween costume idea.

When they’re navigating the hotel, Archer says to Ray (Adam Reed) and Cyril, “Thanks, Lois and Clark,” which works on a couple levels. He’s calling Ray “Lois” instead of “Lewis” but also “Lois and Clark” are from “Superman.”

Pam calls Krieger “evil Nazi Bob Ross Knievel.” The Nazi thing is a reference to Krieger (Lucky Yates) being a Hitler clone, while Bob Ross is a bushy-haired painter and the white jumpsuit is reminiscent of daredevil Evel Knievel.

When Malory smashes a bottle and goes for one of the bad guys, she references “The Addams Family” when she says, “C’mon Lurch, let’s see what’s in that belly of yours.”

And Pam yells “Enter Sandman” when she throws sand in a bad guy’s face. “Enter Sandman” is a Metallica song that references the proverbial sandman who comes and puts you to sleep with his magic sand.

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