On Monday night’s (June 27) episode, the Season 4 cast of MTV’s “Are You The One?” sent two people into the Truth Booth and confirmed its first perfect match. This was exciting news for everyone but John. Much to his chagrin, he and Julia are still not clicking. While it’s an understatement to say that John is no picnic himself, he will soon realize he’s better off without her. Her narcissistic attention seeking ways who will quickly lead her to becoming this season’s pariah if she doesn’t start changing her ways. Luckily, there are other people in the house who have been truly focused on finding a real connection.

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The first perfect match heading to the honeymoon suite is Mikala and Cameron. These two latched on to each other right away and both of them couldn’t have been more than happy to have their strong attraction to each other validated by whatever magical sciences MTV uses.

Cameron and Mikala 'Are You the One' perfect match

With one couple set, the house still has nine other perfect matches to figure out. While it may seem like a few pairs are already locked in, previews for next week reveal otherwise. Kaylen and Gio, who are already comfortable talking engagement rings and babies, have to be each other’s match, right? We’re not so sure.

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The previews we’ve seen show Kaylen in tears, hinting to audiences that Gio might’ve hooked up with another girl in the house. Let’s hope this is just a red herring. It sucks to think that this unexpected love-at-first-site coupling is about to combust. It’s too fun cheering on for that fairy tale ending.

Another seemingly perfect match is Sam and Alyssa. Unlike Gio and Kaylen, they are taking their relationship very slow. These two should definitely be the next pair sent into the Truth Booth.

Sam and Alyssa 'Are You the One'

At the end of the episode, four strobe lights lit up the Maui sky revealing that four of these possible couples are perfect matches:

  • Francesca & Morgan
  • Camille & Asaf
  • Nicole & Cam
  • Victoria & John
  • Emma & Prosper
  • Kaylen & Gio
  • Alyssa & Sam
  • Julia & Tyler

“Are You the One?” airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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