Some things in this world just don’t make sense. We’ve been wracking our brains since we first met Carolina on Season 5 of “Are You the One?” trying to figure out how she’s still single. She’s kindhearted, beautiful, and always tries to sees the best in people — almost to a fault. But messing with Carolina’s mind is the fact that her perfect match, according to the show’s scientific algorithm, is Hayden. And Hayden’s a complete idiot. How he manages to wake up and remember to tie his shoes every morning, we don’t know.

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In this exclusive preview of Wednesday night’s (April 12) episode, it’s clear these two have had it with each other. Or to be more specific, that Hayden is over the entire show. He wants to quit and go home to his certifiable girlfriend Gianna — and Carolina is in tears, frustrated that once again, her perfect match partner is quitting on her.

“You came home with love, you have Gianna — and I don’t have anybody,” Carolina says. “I get you don’t think what we had was anything, but it hurt my feelings, what you did. And I would just appreciate the same amount of effort from you.”

Remember back when Hayden and Carolina first discovered they were each other’s perfect match? Afterwards, they spent the rest of the season living together in their secluded island fantasy suite…

hayden and carolina gif Exclusive clip: Hayden quits Carolina for Gianna    again!    on Are You the One? Second Chances

…But by the time the the Season 5 reunion show aired, Hayden was singing a different tune with a different lady.

Despite the fact that this is how Gianna acted pretty much throughout the entire experience.

Crazy loves crazy, amiright? And Hayden misses Gianna so much, he’s cool giving up his shot at the grand prize money, if it means not having to spend one more second with Carolina. My god, what kind of magical curse did Gianna put on this man?

“I don’t want to hurt the girl anymore,” Hayden says about Carolina, “But if I told her how I truly feel deep down, it’s gonna be that much worse for her.”

So instead of being honest. Hayden tells Carolina, “If we go in tomorrow, take the money… Press steal.”

And it breaks our heart as Carolina says, “I don’t want to steal the money. I want to keep playing — with you!”

Oh, honey. You can’t pick your feelings and clearly there are still feelings here for Hayden — but it’s time to straighten your back, take a deep breath, and let him go. And let’s just say it once more, in case you ever find yourself in this position again:

Take the money. You deserve it. And don’t look back.

“Are You the One? Second Chances” airs on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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