Tight quarters, no distractions, cameras everywhere, conflicting personalities being forced to work together, being a contestant on “Are You the One?” ain’t easy. Sure, this is a silly dating show, but for the 22 people who ditched every comfort of their everyday lives to appear on this series, it becomes much more than that. Their task at hand isn’t physically demanding, or anything outwardly that interesting, but they are each being forced to look inwards at themselves. These young men and women can’t find their perfect match if they don’t know they are as a person first.

Once he or she can be true to their self, it’s easier to identify the traits wanted in a partner. If you’re unsure of your own needs, you’ll keep chasing the wrong people — connections that may seem electrifying, but are just lust, resulting in part from projection of those needs: A smoke cloud of emotion.

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Given the chance to rebuild their (now depleted by half) grand prize by forgoing the results of the Truth Booth, the kids decline the offer. And then soon discover the couple they sent in, Ozzy and Carolina, are not a perfect match: It’s a lose/lose situation.

After last week’s blackout, the pressure for the cast of Season 5 to start making successful matches is on… But they still can’t catch a break!

tyler o brien  are you the one   season 5 Are You the One?: Tyler brings out the worst in everyone... or is just the worst

Making matters infinitely worse is beanie-wearing, too cool for school Tyler.

“I’m just doing my thing,” is a thing that Tyler says. And on why he’s hooking up with so many of the girls,”If it happens, it happens. With two , three –I don’t give a f***!”

Ah. What a guy.

Tyler is this season’s f-boy, and he’s ruining the experience for everyone. And he’s proud to be this season’s villain!

Messing with a girl’s emotions, leading them on, and hurting them by claiming you were never that interested in the first place is not a good look. And the truth is he’s not a tough badass, he’s just scared.

If Tyler actually showed that he cared for someone, he’d become vulnerable. And judging by his actions thus far, to put himself in a position for which he could possibly get hurt terrifies him. So, what does he do? He sabotages any chance of that happening.

The trickle down effect of this male model’s (because of course he’s a male model) actions is worrisome. If he doesn’t care to find his perfect match, or isn’t willing to get in hurt in the process — which nearly every contestant unfortunately does at one point or another — whichever girl he’s supposed to match with will want to be with anyone else. That, in turn, shifts the entire dynamic of the house in the wrong direction.

Although it’s true the cast can’t possibly do worse than they did last week — somehow Michael aka “Mike the Situation”s doppelgänger is becoming the voice of reason on the show, including rightfully calling Tyler out for his lack of communication skills — and yet somehow they were able to shuffle together four perfect pairings during the matching ceremony. We have no clue.

But four of the following are perfect matches:

  • Kathryn & Joey
  • Tyranny & Ozvaldo
  • Casandra & Jaylen
  • Kam & Eddie
  • Shannon & Tyler
  • Carolina & Hayden
  • Gianna & Ozzy
  • Alicia & Mike
  • Taylor & Michael
  • Kari & Andrea

“Are You the One?” airs on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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