After a two week hiatus, “Are You The One?” returned on Monday (July 11) with an explosive hour of drama. Everything that was too good to be true turned out as such. Thusly, this social experiment/dating game became an amazing display of the psychological warfare that comes with committing a relationship.

MTV perfectly cast this current season — watching these 20 singles try to pair up is like unearthing a time capsule filled with all the hardships of dating in your twenties and thirties.

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Kaylen and Gio’s warped speed relationship finally hit the skids. Yes, the same two that were talking engagement rings and babies during the last perfect match ceremony — same couple.

The moment Kaylen doubted Gio’s commitment, he got frustrated. Gio tried to soothe her doubts by taking her to the Boom Boom Room, but when Kaylen declined — saying she didn’t want to fix their fight with sex — Gio was done. Because what else could he do? Talk it out? Nope. That would be crazy. Especially since he now claims to be in love with Julia.

Gio 'Are You the One?'

Well, get in line. Everyone seems to be in love with the evil queen. And you know who truly deserves this beautiful, yet obnoxious woman? Asaf. For he is … well, let’s just say he is dumber than John.

Asaf Goren 'Are You the One?'

Asaf is a good looking guy, with a rock hard body — so as long as he doesn’t open his mouth and talk, it’s possible to see why so many are attracted to him. But after courting Tori non-stop, and earning a one on one date with her, Asaf gets “caught up in the moment” and accompanies Francesca into the Boom Boom Room.

During his date with Tori the next day, Asaf tells her that he slept with Francesca. Tori cries. First, the tears are because she feels so stupid. Then, her tears become cries of relief once the two go into the Truth Booth and it is revealed that they are not a perfect match.

Asaf and Tori 'Are You the One?'

To make matters worse, Asaf then picks Camille — not Francesca! — during the perfect match ceremony. If that doesn’t make any sense, remember we’re talking about Asaf. Remember, the guy asked Tori if he could eat lentils off her butt.  Upon seeing how upset Francesca is after still not being chosen, Asaf gets angry. Typical.

“I’m sorry I tried to make you feel special,” he announces in front of everyone. Uh huh … excuse us, while we try not to vomit.

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Asaf and Julia — the two most narcissistic people with the most inflated egos — are meant to be. The guy and girl who probably can’t even commit to a favorite breakfast cereal deserve one another, don’t you think?

Since both of them thrive on the chase, and need to know they have options at all times, they could be each other’s perfect match. They’d be that couple that always appears to be the most passionate, but then also talk up how they have an “open relationship.” These two need to be sent into the Truth Boot stat.

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“Are You the One” airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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