ariana grande little big town cma awards 2014 performance Watch Little Big Town help Ariana Grande get country at the CMA Awards 2014
If you are one of the people suffering from “postpartum Taylor Swift disorder” — don’t worry. The CMAs filled their pop quota by inviting pop princess Ariana Grande to perform. 
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Grande literally lit up the stage when she joined Little Big Town on the CMA stage, as all of them donned fluorescent outfits. Little Big Down began the performance in a very heavily “Drumline” inspired rendition of their single “Day Drinking.” Each member of the band’s outfit was lined with red lighting — making Karen Fairchild’s and Kimberly Schlapman dresses look like gothic Christmas trees. 

Grande hopped in for the second half of the performance to sing “Bang Bang” — which is actually a Jessie J song that Grande is featured on, but okay — in a translucent version of the Little Big Town ladies’ light up dresses. Just in time, Little Big Town magically changed their light colors to match Grande. Writer Jeff Barrett had one of the most apt Tweets to describe what the glowing situation looked like. 

See it? Check it out below. 
It should be noted that Grande’s half of the performance lacked any kind of country connection beyond Little Big Town serving as her backup singers. Her vocals were on point and Grande lived up to her reputation as this generation’s Mariah Carey, but she definitely gave a pop performance by a pop singer. It felt like Grande’s time on stage took the place of whatever song Taylor Swift would have performed if she had attended the award show this year. 
Social reaction to the performance seemed to vary from effusive praise to a lot of confusion. 

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Posted by:Megan Vick