Ariana Grande was Jimmy Fallon’s lead guest on “The Tonight Show” Friday (March 20), and when you have one of the biggest pop stars in the entire world — a walking, talking doll with a voice like an angel — you put her to good use by busting out the “EW!” sketch.

“I’m kinda bummed. I posted a pic on Insta and it only got like three Likes. I’m literally dying,” says Grande as Sara’s BFF Alexa Armstrong. Alexa also apparently has a thing for Richard Dreyfus, which is weird enough to get both Grande and Fallon to break character (not that that’s unusual for Fallon, bless his heart).

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Below, Grande busts out an scarily good impression of Celine Dion. Between this and Christina Aguilera’s Britney Spears impression from a few weeks ago, look for NBC to be putting something like “Celebrities Doing Celebrities” on TV in 2016.

Grande also teaches Fallon some Japanese, including making him say “The space between my high sock and the hem of my skirt is very sexy,” which makes Fallon fall out of his chair with laughter when he learns what he just said.

Finally, Grande’s big announcement is that she is adding 40 more dates to her current tour, so if you’re dying to see her in concert, you haven’t missed out.

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